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Selling Yeyetzi®

Yeyetzi® means Pretty in the Mexican dialect Nàhuatl. The flowers and sterling silver is ethically sourced in Mexico by our artisans in ours gardens and warehouse that is located in Taxco Guerrero. Our artisans grow the flowers year around. Every piece we create is unique for the same reason that every flower is one of a kind.


The jewelry is done by a small number of artists that focus on every single step of the process of the jewelry creation, from designing to cultivating the flowers, and the resin application! This is also a contributing factor as to why we create and roll out our pieces at a smaller exclusive scale. Our jewelry also depends on the climate that Mother Nature gives our flowers before turning into a lifetime treasure!

Our process of selecting wholesale partners:

  1. Submit an inquiry with your company information

  2. You receive the wholesale order form

  3. We give you a timeline on production

    • Our production turnover is usually around a month and a half to two months. ​​

Great perks of selling Yeyetzi® :

  • Supporting a Latin-owned and Women-owned business

  • All flowers are grown in Taxco Guerrero

  • Jewelry is applied on .925 Sterling Silver

  • Receive a 50% off our retail price


Partner with us!

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